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As far as I know there’s only one river in Montana where it’s legal to fish for bulls, so I’m assuming you were fishing there.  Nice video- beautiful fish!  I am surprised that as guides/outfitters you were fishing with barbs though.

Magwa Falls - 600ft Rope Swing Bungee Jump

 Mike Wilson and Andrew Kirkpatrick traveled to South Africa to build ‘the most insane rope-swing ever.’ What’s a rope-swing jump, you ask. Well, exactly what it sounds like. Only bigger. This one plunges 600ft straight down into the Magwa Falls gorge and and features four seconds of pure, hair-raising free-fall. Would you take the plunge?

Moonwalking wilderness adventures

this guy is awesome, give him Steve Irwin’s old spot…..please

Tarzan in real life.

Humans have always been driven by curiosity and fed by an innate need to explore. There is an allure in the pursuit of the unknown. #NeverStopExploring

Wakeskating – The Eighth Wonder of the World

Though the seven wonders of the antiquated world are generally accepted by all of mankind, the unofficial eighth wonder is a very disputable subject where many people around the world claim something different and typically local. One of which lays in the glorious mountains of Ifugao in the Philippines – the Banaue Rice Terraces. These 2,000-year-old waterways are located 5,000 ft. above sea level, stretch across 6,000 square miles of mountainside, and are commonly thought to have been built by hand or with very basic hand tools.

Always in search of a unique location to splash around, Red Bull “wakeskaters” Brian Grubb and Dominik Preisner traveled to the Philippines for a grind session at one of the most beautiful creations of man in both the ancient and modern world. The team would like to assure its viewers that the plants, wildlife and local inhabitants were not harmed or disturbed during the filming of this project.

———— GREEN DREAM ————

One Shot. One Life film

Empty Mind Films is an independent film studio specialising in subjects such as Martial Arts and wellness of mind and body, telling the stories of the world’s top masters of martial arts and the cultures of China, Japan and India. We have to thank director and filmmaker Jon Braeley, born in Yorkshire, England, for this wonderful project, and interestingly it looks like his work is connected through his life travels. Jon obtained a degree in architecture, and in 1990 he moved to New York and switched from architect to photographer. A lot of his video work is based on martial arts and it just so happens that he has trained in many martial art disciplines under many top martial arts masters.

The film ‘One Shot. One Life.’ welcomes us to the pursuit of excellence through the Art of Japanese Archery, also known as Kyudo. In Kyudo, hitting the target by itself is not enough. In order to shoot correctly the Kyudoka (archer) needs to express themselves through the bow. For the sincere practitioner there is no separation between Kyudo training and everyday life, each arrow is shot as a single ultimate moment. Without an opponent, it is a path of self discovery where the target is a mirror – a reflection of the self. Although this film has direct associations with craft, such as the beautiful bow hand crafted out of bamboo and horn, or the wonderful cinematography with the greenery, clean wooden practice areas and beautiful natural lighting, the deeper meaning is what struck me. The ability to not give up and to persist in any situation, but to appreciate being one with an object. At the end of the day these so called “objects” have an intimate connection with the world outside ourselves.

This is just one of many great films on their website, all can be either rented or purchased on their website via the link below, so they’re perfect to sit and watch over the weekend. So watch the trailer below and see what you think. A few others that I purchased include ‘Art of the Japanese Sword’ and ‘The Zen Mind’, this should keep me busy for quite a while.